If These Walls Could Talk

Carlos Rodriguez

Episode Summary

The “community mural shaman” offers inspiring insights into how he removed blocks to his creativity and made the past year his most successful, despite Covid and his experiences with racism as major blocks he struggled through. Carlos walks us through his roots as a graffiti artist, shares why graffiti continues to be so important to him, and why his favorite way to spend a Saturday is with a blank wall at his disposal.

Episode Notes

Carlos unpacks how despite it being a hard year, confronting financial fears and the racism he has experienced, last year was his most successful year yet. Carlos encourages artists to walk towards their fear, no matter how they might feel. How to take responsibility for our welfare, not be dependent on politicians and those who don’t have our best interests at heart. This has been the year of truth, not so comfortable.

Carlos shares with us the chakra system for clearing creative blocks and how he applies this process of removing blocks to his community mural-making process. 

“We will believe anything except in ourselves.”


Instagram: @carlosrmk